What do all things have in common?

Obfuscation In A ‘Nut’ Shell » tumblr_n7a40sXB7P1r2geqjo1_r1_500

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  1. Even with the occlusion, the colour, light and space between the dissections of the cian vortex have a fine purity. This works well to express truth, as opposed to the ‘dark’ of obfuscation or manipulations. Where such occlusion is placed centrally in the vortex, it could serve to show the entire vortex as being rendered meaningless or useless. i.e. no understanding can be made. Where such occlusion is placed non-centrally, then it could represent obfuscation or manipulation weighted in one aspect of the knowledge. By not blocking the centre of a vortex, it could show that the knowledge molecule is mostly clear and correct; but that certain factors should be taken into account, when determining an outcome.

    Where we can see the center of the vortex as clear balanced and ‘light’, its almost reading as ‘clear correct knowledge’ allowing the viewer or participator to see the ‘truth center’; like a ‘kernel’ of knowledge, allowing the participant to go ‘through’ the vortex, ‘with the truth’ ~ that would be viewing the 2D image as a torus, where the center is a vortex through: however, thinking like this, as a torus always revolves outwardly and around itself, then the ‘dark obfuscated elements of knowledge’ would continually affect the truth.

    Where the dark occlusion hovers to one side of the vortex, it could represent ‘slanted’ knowledge, having an untrue or manipulative element in one aspect of the main body of knowledge. By viewing the perfect center of the vortex, it means use can still be made of the knowledge molecule, to complete the whole of the torus (thinking 3D), but attention must be paid to the misinformation of the dark area.

    Initial thoughts…..

    Apr 30, 2016 at 12:16 am

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