What do all things have in common?

Raw footage of Ernie Wayne Tertelgte in Three Forks Justice Court

Ernie Wayne Tertelgte
(click Picture to show the video)

I ‘ran into’ this doing big data modeling of law. Admiralty law and the Natural Law Defense are very interesting as they reveal how the reality of our legal system has ‘evolved’ (been altered) over time since the birth of our country.

The judge became so frustrated that you can hear her telling the people in the courtroom “Up and out, up and out… follow ‘the man'” in complete frustration.

His case reveals that your name in all capitals means you give up your personal sovereignty (that is why they use them) and subject yourself to the law of the sea.

At that place, there is no difference between the birthing of a ship and the birthing of a human being. Shocked! Check for yourself. That’s also why international treaties are made there – little or no respect nor allowance for any kind of sovereignty.

I wonder if the lawyer is even aware of the law Mr. Tertelgte is referring to? The court illegally arrested the man. He must speak in light of the situation. And the police as usual just following orders.

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