What do all things have in common?

Wicked Problems

Wicked Problems
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Sustainability is Agenda 21 plain and simple. Sustainability’s original meaning has been altered by Peter Singer and other premature globalists to signify the goal to look at everything including people as a resource that must be inventoried and managed and taxed.

One of the means it uses to achieve its ends is to create or to acerbate and then to replicate the idea or artificial scarcity and to maintain that our resource pool is limited and potentially endangered. All of these are simply excuses to motivate the naive well-meaning masses into cooperation in the creation of a dominance hierarchy.

If the product is called ‘smart’, then you know it’s Agenda 21. Look up “Behind the Green Mask” and ICLEI for the details on this attack upon our individual and collective sovereignty.

The very same people who were charged with leading our civilization to advancement have failed and mismanaged the very resources and environments that they use as their justification for this movement to global management and taxation.

The Global Warming… ah… Climate Change hoax is another means to achieving their goal. In reality it is simply banksters creating a thin veil of plausibility to justify the taking of our wealth and our sovereignty. They create another industry out of these designs and pay us with fake money to enslave ourselves.

Look here for truth on the matter:



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