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Ebola Can Be Neutralized By A Natural Remedy Thousands Of Years Old

Ebola cure
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Published on Aug 4, 2014

http://www.NaturalSolutionsFounation.com and http://TinyURL.com/StopEbola. NO ONE NEEDS TO DIE FROM EBOLA!
This video was made specifically for the Heads of State of those countries where a genetically modified (weaponized?) Ebola virus is killing people.
WHO and the US Government say that there is no prevention, cure or treatment for Ebola, which currently kills 90% of its victims.
This is untrue. The definitive prevention, treatment and cure for Ebola, as US government research shows, is Nano Silver 10PPM!
To receive a complementary copy of my protocol for the use of Nano Silver 10 PPM in epidemic situations, visit the sites listed above visit this site to secure a supply of the most effective Nano Silver I know of on the planet at one of these three sites: for Nano Silver 10PPM only, visit http://www.DrRimaKnows.com. For CBD Hemp Oil Infused Chocolate and Nano Silver 10PPM, visit http://TinyURL.com/CBDnSilver. For Nano Silver 10PPM plus other health products, visit the ecommece site of the Natural Solutions Foundation: http://www.NSFMarketplace.
Why do we combine CBD and Nano Silver? Because infectious diseases like influenza and Ebola can be very uncomfortable. The CBD is there so that if you do get Ebola, a very painful disease, it can control the pain while the Nano Silver works against the virus and supports your immune system.
Anyone who obtains our Nano Silver will receive a copy of my Protocol without charge.
This is life-saving information that you will not find anywhere else. I cannot urge you strongly enough to share it with everyone you can reach using social media and personal contacts.
One of the ways that your health freedom is being eroded is by making high quality products like these harder and harder to access. Natural Solutions Foundation is dedicated to taking all the actions necessary to make sure that you have not only the information, but the access to support your natural health choices.
Yours in health and freedom,
Dr. Rima
PS: Nano Silver 10PPM is NOT the same as colloidal or ionic silver. The research showing the effectiveness of Nano Silver against Ebola cannot be generalized to other forms of silver. In addition, higher concentrations were LESS effective than 10 PPM. REL

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