What do all things have in common?


Universal Contradiction Helps Sort Out Quantum Mechanics!


Here we go again! Psyence at its ‘best’!

I wonder; if we do have parallel universes, then where is the coordination of quantum events being arbitrated/managed/coordinated? What functions as a substrate?

Isn’t the idea of a set of parallel (NOT multiverses which is something quite different!) begging the question?

Even Set Theory warns us of a contradiction that also arises, should we take this idea seriously.

Reductionism par Excellence

Do Parallel Universes Exist

Quick! I need my street address! In which universe do I look?
If I look in the one I think I’m in I could be wrong, because I just made a decision on which one to look at! ūüė¶

The good ol’ bunk-o-meter pegged full on this one!
We reduce possibility to predictability (and justifiability) and don’t even notice the change!

Big Bang is Big Bunk!

Big Bang Lie
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Someday people will junk the ‘theory’ (if you can call it that!) on the junk pile like phrenology!

(pssst… there’s a VERY short conclusion in case you don’t have time to read the whole article.)

When Does The ‘Coming Out’ Of Destruction Want To Seem To Be Normal?


The source article is a deception (Source: http://www.theguardian.com/environment/earth-insight/2014/mar/14/nasa-civilisation-irreversible-collapse-study-scientists)

The globalist parasites that feed on us¬†and have built this culture/environment we are ‘living’ in want us to believe the destruction they are bringing down upon humanity is a normal cycle.

If we believe them, then we deserve our fate!

Yet a natural process is taking place!
Outliers who occupy an upper ‘elite’ section of a distribution have always led the rest of the population it belongs to. What is decisively¬†important is what attributes that small group shares and projects onto the rest.

This natural process can¬†act as a sort of illness/enslavement or a¬†healing/empowerment¬†upon the rest of the population. This¬†‘constant form’ finds expression in¬†practically every living system and upon multiple levels.

The need for illness and enslavement of the remaining population is a sign where this ‘elite class’ is based¬†upon fear and¬†control which is malevolent in nature. This leads to a severance of membership to the rest of the population and its own destruction and, quite possibly, the remaining population.

The need for healing and empowerment of the remaining population is a sign where this ‘elite class’ is based upon love and¬†trust which is benevolent in nature. This leads to a binding of membership to the rest of the population and its own survival and, quite possibly, the remaining population.

We are being ruled by a malevolent elite class which has gone rogue and, like a cancer, wrapped its metastases in, through and around the rest of us. They do this by eliciting the aid of those who are asleep or unaware among us or by those who are awake/aware, but are unwilling or unable to resist them.

The ‘natural’ cycles mentioned in the article need not be! It is up to us to decide here and now what side of history we want to be on.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin is quoted to have said: “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

If that statement is true, then we are here for many reasons:
To discover who we are.
To create who we are.
To decide who we are.
To witness others.

To be of aid or be of service to others.
Who will you be, witness,… serve?

Coronal Hole

Coronal hole... hmmm...

Corporate Run Science Tells Us This Is a ‘Hole’.
In reality this ‘hole’ is the singularity field¬†that comprises the Sun’s mass staring out through the plasma dynamics that surround it.

We are told that a black hole arises through the death  of a star! In reality the black hole was always there!

The science of today is not what it should be and has taken ‘hostage’ of real scientific inquiry. The education of our children amounts to¬†indoctrination¬† crafted¬†to¬†block¬†real science that disagrees with their interests.