What do all things have in common?

The Myth of Paving the Way for New By Means of Destruction

power and politics

The Prometheus fans (both the Movie and the Myth) have bought into the falsehood that “in order to create we sometimes must destroy” meme. (This meme makes its appearance in the new Avengers film!)

This false-paradigm was created by people who will profit from it most – those who want or need the destruction of personal and collective sovereignty, because it stands in their way.

We must learn to recognize their ‘handywork’. Behind that meme lurks an even more malevolent lie: The Ends Justify Their Means.

The ends DO NOT justify their means, rather the ends are defined by their means!
Modernism and Post-Modernism have been busily redefining all ‘organic’ ideas into artificial replacements. John Dewey was particularly active in this regard, but the ‘tradition’ was carried on after him to the present by the neo-liberals and progressives.

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