What do all things have in common?


Hoarding Can Be Cancer Too

What is Wrong with the World

Hoarding Can Be Cancer Too
This short video’s symbolism and message is paradigm changing. The video stems from a religious message and also contains a bit of idealism, but has meaning even to agnostics and atheists alike.

The Universe is suffering from a shortage of humans right now. Please do your share to rectify this situation by having many children who do not need to hoard.

The true measure of the value of a society finds expression in how it treats its weakest members: the old, infirm, and children.


Organically Human: Empathy, Solidarity and Cooperation

Saving someoneOrganically Human: Empathy, Solidarity and Cooperation
We are capable of such goodness.
This is amazing and wonderful.

Self-organization? NO! Organization’s purpose: epistemology, otherwise the organization is artificial.
… a purpose in everything… even if we do not yet recognize it!

UPDATE!: http://csglobe.com/commuters-push-train-free-passenger/

”The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old but, on building the new.”
– Socrates

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Family pet shot in the head by plainclothes cops searching at wrong address!

Argghh… and Then We Have This!

(The ‘best’ of us are sometimes capable of the worst.)

Here is what I wrote to the Sherriff’s office:

Dear Sherriff,

Don’t you know that your police union and the people who are in control will also be after you when they get done using you to go after us?

Wake up please! We must stick together!

When the shtf, the people who are asking you to do warrentless searches are the only ones who’ll profit from our fighting each other.
They will sit off-shore and do game theoretical betting on us while we go through our second civil war!
Please don’t let that happen! We must stick together!

Sincerely and with all the best thoughts to you and your office.

Knowledge Representation – Self and Other

Knowledge Representation of Self and Other

Knowledge Representation of Self and Other

This knowledge representation, which I made for a presentation in Nürnberg on April 29th, 2013, depicts a partial resonance domain with respect to sentient relation and orientation. The representation is not designed to be comprehensive in any respect, rather it is intended to help those who are not accustomed to viewing knowledge in this way.

It shows how, to quote Carl Sagan: “One voice in the Cosmic fugue.” can be represented more generally. There are certainly other possibilities with respect to relation and orientation between self and other.

You may need to stop this video occasionally as some of the transitions occur very quickly.I’ve indicated what is happening in the representation to aid in the interpretation of what is being shown.

I would appreciate any feedback you may want to give. I’d be pleased to answer any questions that may arise.

Thank you for watching!


A question has come in from an anonymous source asking for clarification on the use of “Resonance Domain”.

A resonance domain is comprised of resonance fields. When one or more fields are being examined, the group is called a domain.

For further clarity I’d like to add that we are looking at two separate fields (sentient beings) in terms of the relation they participate in and the orientation they share with each other.

Fields are always composed of other sub-fields and contain even partial fields from other sources!


UPDATE: “Why do you use the word ‘sentient’ in your description?”

There are basically three types of entities in our universe:
1) Having some measure of interiority (concept of self).
2) Artifacts
3) Heaps

‘Self and other’ can come in any number of combinations:
The knowledge representation above requires that at least two of the participants are of type 1 (sentience) for this knowledge representation to hold.

Type 1) human and type 1) dog will work.
Type 1) human and type 2) book will not work.
Type 1) human and type 3) rock will not work.

This way of looking at our Kosmos (multiverse) is called Mathesis Universalis.

For those interested in more on the subject, go to http://mathesis-universalis.com.

[PS: There are also the conditions that both participants are conscious of each other and that their shared consciousness is such that differences in semantics between them are ‘reconcilable’ (coherence). (for the scientists/mathematicians among us!)] 😉

Snake Oil Salesmen of the Neo ‘Wild West’

Ray Kurzweil
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Who is deciding that this is the ‘medicine’ we need, not to mention what we want?

Here the reductionism is reducing thought to brain pattern recognition and the remembrance of them (named modules in this video) building hierarchies of modules. These hierarchies are mechanized by ascribing statistical likelihoods of contextual relevance and applicability to levels ‘higher’ up in the chain!

This statistical information (uncertainty is what they call it in other contexts) is also allowed to trickle down and alter the underlying levels below it to adjust their own set of probabilities into likely short-term expectations for their internal use in upcoming iterations.

By analogy and abstraction (that is missing from this video, but inferred) the model is then deemed (implicitly) to explain Qualia (qualitative consciousness) and all the while using tools that are strictly quantitative in capability!

It’s attempted in the video to make this ‘theory’ acceptable, plausible and trendy (for people who don’t know any better) by using some “algorithm which is similar to something called a hierarchical hidden Markov models” (06:27) as their supporting process! It’s as if we are in a submarine sending out pings to an undersea terrain and only able to recognize objects we have seen before!

Essentially they are using a horribly incomplete metaphysical foundation to explain our minds and do their best to convince us they can! Who says that thinking is purely biological (or even non-biological)?

If you can take anything from what I’m saying here, it is this: you cannot derive qualitative properties and relations from quantitative means! Even if at (09:07) it is said we can.

Nature Of Perception

Elisabeth Sartorius

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Nature Of Perception
The principles of organization in qualitative authenticity… from a ‘Cosmic Snoop’!

“We’ve been given a physics of non-life…”
“To be alive you constantly change yourself…”
“Life is the inventor…”
“Humans are different than animals, because they are story telling creatures.”

Who’s Really Pulling the Strings?

Satanic Monument Oklahoma
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It’s odd to watch how we allow others to pull our strings to keep us at odds with each other… each side very sure of their stance.

This may be about religious freedom to you, but this is about much more than that.

The recipe is very simple:
If I want to advance an idea for social engineering then I must simply ‘fashion’ that idea in terms of  a religion. I get more ‘bang for my buck’! Here’s why:

1) Those falling for the religious spin will divide themselves (polarize themselves) around that and fight over it.

2) Those who think they’re above all that religious mumbo jumbo will turn it into an issue of rights and fight over that.

3) Those who think they’re on the winning team are pleased, because they think the whole escapade brings everyone working on it closer to ‘home’. They don’t realize that they themselves are ‘on the menu’ later, because the proverbial snake eating it’s own tail will never be able to stop. If they have played ‘favorites’ before in that last cycle, what will stop them from playing favorites again in the new one? In that case, who will be ‘next’?

Is this how we represent mankind in a universal context?
Is this how we steward our world and each other?

Humanity is in the balance here. Will humanity be trusted by others we may encounter ‘out there’ on our way… or will we have skeletons in our closet that, when discovered, will show them we can never be trusted.

Look up!

Look up

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A Perspective Everyone Should Ponder
Look up now… what you miss…

Earth Day – Causes In Question

care about the earth
Religion has its grievous deficits, but this damage to our earth has different causes.

We are being sold that we are like a virus, but we are not!
Most of humanity just wants to get by and be happy. It’s the corporations and the bankers behind them that are responsible, because they are who leads these kinds of efforts.

I’m aware that humans form corporations and bankers are human, but I see this more as an illness or a blight on humanity that goes even deeper.

Even cells get this kind of illness (cancer). Natural means hasn’t yet managed to intervene quick enough to prevent such devastation being worked upon itself.

For me, it is more about the hegemonic properties of any distribution in nature containing members who can choose and how the remainder of same cannot or will not do something about those choices when they lead to these kinds of consequences.

So you see, even ‘viruses’ have rules to obey. Especially those who can choose!


The Myth of Paving the Way for New By Means of Destruction

power and politics

The Prometheus fans (both the Movie and the Myth) have bought into the falsehood that “in order to create we sometimes must destroy” meme. (This meme makes its appearance in the new Avengers film!)

This false-paradigm was created by people who will profit from it most – those who want or need the destruction of personal and collective sovereignty, because it stands in their way.

We must learn to recognize their ‘handywork’. Behind that meme lurks an even more malevolent lie: The Ends Justify Their Means.

The ends DO NOT justify their means, rather the ends are defined by their means!
Modernism and Post-Modernism have been busily redefining all ‘organic’ ideas into artificial replacements. John Dewey was particularly active in this regard, but the ‘tradition’ was carried on after him to the present by the neo-liberals and progressives.

Time To Wake Up and/or End the Denial

Where's the money Wenn also alle Staaten der Welt verschuldet sind... wo ist das ganze Geld gebliebenWe all would just love to continue our work and so do as if this scourge of our world and the transfer of wealth (even personal and collective sovereignty) isn’t happening.
If we continue to remain in this willful ‘bliss’, we condemn our children to being victims of the ultimate act of cowardice: denying our own conscience. The ‘sleeper’ must awaken!

Google’s Ray Kurzweil On Artificial Intelligence, Human Immortality

kurzwell-6-020713 304
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A New Installment In The Phantasm Called ‘Singularity’
The ongoing perception deception masking malevolence with benevolence.
True intelligence can never be artificial and the mind is much more than the brain can be used to explain it.
He is wrong in many ways. Even if he has really foreseen other inventions, this is one where he is wrong. They will, however, made a good show of it, by convincing us of their success so that we buy into the fraud with investment or participation.

Collectivism Is The Solution To The Problem Of Voluntaryism


If we can’t imagine people who are doing so well that they want to be of help to others, then we think in terms of collectivism.

The globalist cleptocratic parasites know that the bulk of humanity is willing to be led – even in an authoritarian context. They create a thin veil of plausibility to convince these sheep and combine that with compartmentalization.
Among their weaknesses is that as soon as the bulk begin to realize they service a hegemony that is feeding on them, the whole structure is endangered.
The fear that led the ‘elite’ to think they are ‘special’ is the very ‘structure’ they themselves are held hostage by.

How Big Is Google?

How big is Google
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When Do We Move Our ‘Technology’ From “Tin Foil” To Aluminum Foil?
Google is doing it without our knowledgeable consent, but with our naive participation.

How to Occupy the Noosphere: Ian MacKenzie at TEDxVictoria 2013

Ian MacKenzie

Social Engineering Made Trendy
This is an attempt to hijack both the Occupy and the Anonymous movements under the premis of building a better world.
It underscores our interdependence, but forgets to mention the loss of individual and collective sovereignty that the globalist banksters are destroying to move us to this artificially induced state.
We must wake up to the fraud! Premature globalism needs and creates global problems so they can create global solutions!
Problem-reaction-solution – Hegelian Dialectic

The Scarcity Myth


The Scarcity Myth
Scarcity can be real, but only for a time. Mankind always has and always will develop a means to deal with scarcity… unless it is Artificial.
The scarcity is then used as a means to socially engineer.
Artificial scarcity has been used this way throughout history – even back in the time of the Romans!
Please examine the photo and see if the social engieering has succeeded in our society.

Sally Kohn: Let’s Try Emotional Correctness

Sally Kohn_Emotional Correctness
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Emotional correctness: a new way to be trendy
It used to be called tolerance and empathy.
Social engineering that shifts the responsibility of an individual to a group.
Very crafty stuff. The people in the audience lap it up like its a Popsicle.

Kara : A PS3 New Technology

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For those barren of humanity, the next place is barren humanity.
Has anyone taken the time to ask themselves why we are being driven to create machines like we are instead of use our creative power in developing ourselves?

UPDATE: Kara – Behind the Scenes

Meet Atlas – DRC-Robot

Meet Atlas, DRC Robot

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Aren’t they just cuddly?
They’re being built to help you. They just wana help mankind..
Now give them your money to build them,… ‘kay?
(You know it’s trendy…)

This is how it can be. We share our home together.

Bull loves woman

“Don’t pray for easy lives….”- JFK


There comes a time when the sleeper must awaken.

Grady Booch: The Human and Ethical Aspects of Big Data

Grady Booch
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Grady Booch: The Human and Ethical Aspects of Big Data
Important questions we should be answering now… not later. Important examples throughout modern history and where it influences and is influenced by it.