What do all things have in common?

Who’s Really Pulling the Strings?

Satanic Monument Oklahoma
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It’s odd to watch how we allow others to pull our strings to keep us at odds with each other… each side very sure of their stance.

This may be about religious freedom to you, but this is about much more than that.

The recipe is very simple:
If I want to advance an idea for social engineering then I must simply ‘fashion’ that idea in terms of  a religion. I get more ‘bang for my buck’! Here’s why:

1) Those falling for the religious spin will divide themselves (polarize themselves) around that and fight over it.

2) Those who think they’re above all that religious mumbo jumbo will turn it into an issue of rights and fight over that.

3) Those who think they’re on the winning team are pleased, because they think the whole escapade brings everyone working on it closer to ‘home’. They don’t realize that they themselves are ‘on the menu’ later, because the proverbial snake eating it’s own tail will never be able to stop. If they have played ‘favorites’ before in that last cycle, what will stop them from playing favorites again in the new one? In that case, who will be ‘next’?

Is this how we represent mankind in a universal context?
Is this how we steward our world and each other?

Humanity is in the balance here. Will humanity be trusted by others we may encounter ‘out there’ on our way… or will we have skeletons in our closet that, when discovered, will show them we can never be trusted.

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