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Obedience Is Inhumane

Obedience is the killer

Obedience Is Inhumane
Except for those who’s income depends upon conformity and/or denial… then you’re on the wrong side of history. Think about it.

You know you’re working against yourself when you marginalize others to serve your own willful ignorance (“Conspiracy Theorist!”, “Nut Job”, “Anti-semite”, “Racist”). The perpetrators of our mutual demise have supplied you with heinous weaponry.

The greatest expression of cowardice is to deny your own conscience.

Forget the Planet! There’s Just Not Enough Room In This Solar System, Galaxy and Universe!

The Science of Overpopulation

Forget the Planet! There’s Just Not Enough Room In This Solar System, Galaxy and Universe!
Let’s get real!

They’ve even elevated the idea to the status of a ‘science’. The banksters are betting and investing heavily on this false meme, for sure.

Wake up people! If the globalist parasites funding this BS wanted a better world, we would have had one by now (they’ve been barfing this up for over 100 years!). They are making this video to put us at odds with each other. There are not enough resources ONLY when we do not cooperate with each other.

I know its super trendy to believe this crap, but if you do, you’re only allowing yourself to be manipulated.


Human race will ‘split into two different species’

Human race will ‘split into two different species’

This would be a perversion of humanity.

The global elite want to sell us and their minions this future anathema. They do not realize that this idea is wrong on many levels. There are outliers in every distribution, whether it be a particular attribute or humanity itself. Who should decide and what should be decided to cleave our distribution?!?

When does the process end?  The minions who would carry this out are themselves in danger in the next rung of ‘cleaving’.

If we do this to ourselves, other civilizations in the universe would know we could do it to them – we would never be trusted.

Why must humanity mark itself with eugenic distortion in the first place? Our ability to embrace and include members of our ‘body’ is the higher and more honorable form of being not only for flesh and blood, but for our individual and collective psyche as well.

It is about natural laws that we must not break, lest we destroy ourselves or our future.