What do all things have in common?

Police State

Obedience Is Inhumane

Obedience is the killer

Obedience Is Inhumane
Except for those who’s income depends upon conformity and/or denial… then you’re on the wrong side of history. Think about it.

You know you’re working against yourself when you marginalize others to serve your own willful ignorance (“Conspiracy Theorist!”, “Nut Job”, “Anti-semite”, “Racist”). The perpetrators of our mutual demise have supplied you with heinous weaponry.

The greatest expression of cowardice is to deny your own conscience.

Eric Holder Lining Up For A Pardon?

Holder behind barsHouse Wants Federal Judge to hold Eric Holder in Contempt, Fine Him & Possibly Jail Him

Read more here.

Sooner or later, justice is coming to this man. He may be able to get a pardon from Obama, but that will only cover the charges they gather here (it looks like they’re planning this now). What he won’t get away with, is his possible involvement in the Oklahoma City bombing that they won’t dredge up here

Family pet shot in the head by plainclothes cops searching at wrong address!

Argghh… and Then We Have This!

(The ‘best’ of us are sometimes capable of the worst.)

Here is what I wrote to the Sherriff’s office:

Dear Sherriff,

Don’t you know that your police union and the people who are in control will also be after you when they get done using you to go after us?

Wake up please! We must stick together!

When the shtf, the people who are asking you to do warrentless searches are the only ones who’ll profit from our fighting each other.
They will sit off-shore and do game theoretical betting on us while we go through our second civil war!
Please don’t let that happen! We must stick together!

Sincerely and with all the best thoughts to you and your office.