What do all things have in common?


Music For the Ears… and Eyes!

Music RepresentationThis is one of a growing number of representations for music. Listen, see and enjoy the wonder.

This isn’t the only kind of sound representation being done. I will be publishing my own in the near future.

Here is another source that is just as significant: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2zb5cQbLabj3U9l3tke1pg

Fractals – They Are Like Reading Novels


They Are Like Reading Novels – One Must Simply Know How To ‘Look’
Meaning is everywhere… even in these seemingly ‘random’ complex domains.

There is no coincidence without meaning!

Please do stay tuned!

Fractals – Varied Dimension Over a Complex Domain

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Former laser physicist turned artist, Tom Beddard, has created these incredible fractal models. They are ‘truly fractal’, because you can see more and more detail, the closer you peer down onto the surface.